Face Mask Ear Saver Adaptor (Free Crochet Pattern)

For the past few weeks, like many others I am sure, I have been trying to think of ways I can help people whilst being lucky enough to be able to stay at home with my children. Here on the Isle of Man, we have not had the high case and death rates that we are seeing in other countries around the world. We were locked down really quickly and are still locked down, which has given me plenty of time (when I am not homeschooling!) to think about what I can do to help. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be much that can be crocheted to help those in need. A few weeks ago, I shared my Crochet Face Mask (Free Pattern), and today I would like to share this pattern for a face mask ear saver adaptor. This adaptor will only work for the type of face masks with the elasticated straps, but will hopefully stop the pain from having straps stretched around ears for hours at a time.

To make your own ear saver adaptor, you will need a 3mm crochet hook, a small amount of 100% cotton yarn, two plastic buttons and a yarn needle.

This face mask ear saver adaptor is very quick and easy to make. Using cotton yarn and plastic buttons ensures that it can be cleaned at high temperatures and disinfected appropriately, which is obviously crucial at the moment.

Face Mask Ear Saver Adaptor (Free Crochet Pattern)

1. Ch26, work 3dcs in 3rd chain from hook, dc in next 22sts, 6dcs in last st, working on opposite side of chain, dc in next 22sts, work 3dcs in same space as first 3dcs, join with slst in top of 1st dc (56)

2. Bind off, attach a button at each end and weave in all ends

I have made up a little stash of these and will be donating them to local keyworkers. I hope you can also make use of this free pattern and crochet some of your own for yourself or for keyworkers in your area. Let me know if you do use this pattern or any of my other patterns. Feel free to tag me in your work on social media (@adeleuyancrochet). I love to see what you are all making. Or why not join our Facebook group to show off your creations. Stay safe and happy crocheting!

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