Autumn Crochet Pattern Roundup

Autumn is one of my favourite times to be a crocheter. After the drought of summer friendly patterns, autumn usually finds me surrounded by piles of yarn, hats, socks and cardigans. I love changing my yarn colours to the more seasonal reds, oranges, mustards and browns. There is just something about autumn, I can’t explain it, but it is my favourite time of year. It is still warm enough to be bearable but it just feels cosy somehow. I have made a list of my favourite autumn-inspired crochet patterns. Please make sure to head over to the blogs mentioned, to show the designers some love.

Free Autumn Crochet Patterns

I adore the colours on this scarf, and the stitch is really pretty too! This would make a nice gift for someone, although I don’t think I’d want to give it away.

As soon as the weather starts cooling down, I start looking for cute sweater and cardigan patterns. This one looks nice and easy, and perfect for layering.

Both the colour and stitch used in this beanie are just perfect! I would wear this hat every day.

This crochet mermaid tail is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while. It really makes me want a new baby to wrap up.

I love cosy crochet socks for autumn. I always have freezing cold feet and three pairs of socks on so thick crocheted socks are the one!

This little pumpkin pot is big enough for a handful of sweets. This would be such a cute addition to the autumn house decorations.

Last but definitely not least, I found this pattern for maple leaf coasters. I think they would love amazing made in lots of different colours.

I hope you have found some inspiration in this post for your next crochet project. If you do make anything linked here, please be sure to tag the original designer on social media, as none of the designs in this post belong to me. Happy crocheting!

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Summer Crochet Pattern Roundup

Summer is a tricky time for crocheters, because most of the crochet things we make are more suited for cold weather. I know I always struggle a lot more with finding things to crochet in summer, so with that in mind, I compiled a list of summer friendly, free crochet patterns for you to choose from. Please go and visit the blogs of the patterns you like and show the designers some love ❤

Free Summer Crochet Patterns

My kids would love these, and anything that means less plastic in the world is fine by me.

This tshirt is so sweet and simple, I feel like I need one in every colour!

I made one of these bags to give as a gift to my Auntie and it was really easy to make. It looks really cute aswell!

I am in love with this top and the colour is just perfect for it!

Which princess wouldn’t love her very own crochet crown!

This is stunning and contains a link to a little girl version aswell.

How perfect would these fruit coasters be for a garden party!

There you go, plenty of inspiration to keep you crocheting until the weather cools down again. I hope you enjoy looking through these cute ideas and planning your next project. Stay safe and happy crocheting!

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