Crochet Dishcloth (Free Pattern)

I love making these pretty dishcloths to use when I wash the dishes. They are quite abrasive, due to the pattern, and are very good at removing dirt and grease. They wash well in the washing machine and dry quickly. I love the way that they add a pop of colour to an otherwise dull job. This size is perfect for me but they can easily be made bigger or smaller, depending on what you need.

To make your own, you will need a 4mm hook, a small amount of double knit yarn, a pair of scissors and a yarn needle.

This pattern should be suitable for beginners. If you do not yet know how to crochet, you can find a basic how to crochet video here.

Crochet Dishcloth (Free Pattern)

  1. loosely ch31, 2dcs in 5th st from ch, ch1, 2dcs in same st (shell made), sk1st, *dc in next st, sk1st, 2dcs in next st, ch1, 2dcs in same st, sk1st*, repeat from *-* across to last st, work dc in last st
  2. ch3, turn, work shell in previous rows shell chsp, dc in top of previous rows dc, end with dc in top of ch3
  3. repeat row 2 ten times
  4. do not ch or turn, work 4 more dcs in corner st, work alternating shells and dcs across in each hole on way up the side of the cloth until you reach the next corner, work 5dcs in the corner space, continue until you have worked 3 edges, do 4dcs in last corner, join with a sl st in top of ch 3
  5. bind off and weave in ends

I hope you enjoyed this pattern. I would love to see any dishcloths you make! Feel free to tag me on social media (@adeleuyancrochet) so I can see them. Or why not join our Facebook group to show off your creations. Happy crocheting.

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