Braided Pixie Hat (Free Crochet Pattern)

Is it even possible for a child to wear a pixie hat and not look the cutest they’ve ever looked? My eldest two think they are way too cool to wear Mammy made stuff now, but I can still get away with dressing the baby in little cute hats. This pixie hat will keep little ears warm and can be tied to make sure it won’t fall off (or be pulled off).

This pattern should be suitable for beginners.

This hat should fix approximately 3-10 years. Obviously the hat will be baggier on a 3 year old and tighter on a 10 year old. You can easily size up or down as needed to get the look and fit you want.

I crochet quite tightly so you may need to play around with hook sizes to get the required hat size. My finished hat is 8.5″ wide and 9″ tall, so aim for a starting rectangle of around 17″ x 8.5″.

For this free crochet pattern, you will need double knit yarn in the colour of your choice. You will also need a 6mm crochet hook, a tape measure, a pair of scissors and a yarn needle.

Braided Pixie Hat (free crochet pattern)


  1. ch62, hdc in 3rd ch from hook and across (60)
  2. ch2, turn, hdc in st at base of ch and across (60)
  3. repeat row 2 another 20 times, or until piece measures approximately 17″ x 8.25″
  4. fold in half lengthwise to make a bonnet shape, stitch the back together then bind off


  1. with wsf, join yarn in corner st, ch1, sc in same st and each row across (45)
  2. ch1, turn, *sc in next st, sc2tog*, repeat from *-* across (30)
  3. ch1, turn, sc across (30)
  4. repeat row 3 (30)
  5. do not ch or turn, work a second sc in corner st, *sc in next st, sc2tog*, repeat from *-* across front to end, sc in corner st, join with slst to previous corner sc, bind off and weave in all ends


  1. cut 12 lengths of yarn measuring 30″ each
  2. find the corner of the hat, at the front, and thread the 12 lengths through, hanging half of the length either side of the hole, so you end up with 24 strands of yarn
  3. braid the strands together in groups of 8
  4. tie off with a knot at the bottom and trim the ends
  5. repeat on the other side of the hat

I hope you enjoyed making this cute crochet pixie hat. I would love to see any hats you make using this pattern. Feel free to tag me on social media (@adeleuyancrochet) so I can see them! Or why not join our Facebook group to show off your creations. Happy crocheting.

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